Express Your Story

  A Therapy Tool

 Inspire Expression, Reflection and Growth. 

Express Yourself Using Images, Art and Words.

Express Your Story Group Therapy kit serving 10. 

  Why Express Your Story?



Why should we attempt to express or understand our feelings? Isn't it easier to tuck the pain away and move on? 


Unfortunately, the impact of painful or traumatic experiences don't just go away.  Unresolved pain, past traumas and old ways of coping and thinking can negatively influence our choices, relationships and quality of life. 

Identifying and expressing  pain can be a freeing, cathartic expereince. Exploring your beliefs and feelings can help you to feel more in control of your life. The  more aware you are of your feelings and thoughts, the greater potential you will have to heal and move forward.

Express Your Story was designed to inspire and facilitate the process of self-discovery with the ulitimate goal of self-growth.  With the help of a compassionate, non-judgemental therapist, clients can feel validated and learn new ways of coping.


With Express Your Story, creative representations are truly endless and unique to each person.  There are countless ways that one can represent thier childhood, family, marriage, relationships, goals, traumatic experiences, or wishes/desires using images, words and fantasy symbols.

Express Your Story was designed by Lesli Mitchell, LCSW and can be used as a tool for individual, family or group therapy for ages 12+.


ExpressYour Story
Individual Kit

One dry erase magnetic board, (18"x24") with rounded edges, all aluminum back.


1 package of 12 color dry erase markers with erasers and 8 multicultural crayons

dry erase, magnetic  figurines/shapes: 4 adults, 2 teens, 2 toddlers, 1 baby, 1 mermaid, 1 fairy, 1 house, 6 blank squares.

 magnetic  fence and jail. 

2 stress balls, different textures

107 magnetic printed themed 2x2" squares

16 "I Feel Statements" 

1 shopping basket

23 bins to hold 2"x2" squares

1 large carrier with handle to carry all peices

1 bag wtih handle to carry board.

Individual Kit Contents:


Group therapy for 5

Group Therapy for 5 Kit

dry erase magnetic board with rounded edges, all aluminum back (18x24)

5 packages of 12 color dry erase markers with erasers and  5 packages of 8 multicultural crayons.

5 sets of dry erase, magnetic figurines/shapes: 20 adults , 10 teens , 10 toddlers, 5 babies, 5 mermaids, 5 fairies, 5 houses, 30 blank squares.

5 magnetic fences and jails.

10 stress balls, different textures

5 sets of  107 squares totalling 535 peices.

5 sets of 16 "I Feel Statements." totaling 80 pieces.

5 shopping baskets

23 bins to hold all of the squares in numerical order.

1 Jolly Trolly to hold all of the peices.

1 bag with handle to carry  5 dry-erase, magnetic boards.

Express Your Story

Group Therapy 5


ExpressYour Story
Group Therapy 10

Group Therapy for 10 Kit

10 dry erase magnetic boards with rounded edges, all aluminum back, (18"x24")

10 packages of 12 color dry erase markers with erasers and 5 packages of  8 multicultural crayons.

Dry erse, magnetic figurines/shapes: 40 adults, 20 teens, 20 toddlers, 10 babies, 10 mermaids, 10 fairies, 10 houses, 60 blank squares. 

10 magnetic fences and jails.

10 sets of 107 themed printed 2"x2" magnetic squares, totaling 1070 squares.

20 stress balls,different textures.

10 sets of 16 I Feel statements, totaling 160. 

10 shopping baskets

23 bins to hold 2"x2" squares.

1 jolly trolly to hold all items.

2 large bags to carry dry erase magnetic boards. Each bag can carry 5 boards. 


Draw and color on dry erase figurines and shapes to tell your unique story.

Place dry erase figures and themed squares in various locations on the board to tell your story.

Use fantasy figurines, I feel statements and containment pieces (fence & jail) for additional depth, expression and boundary setting.

How does it help?

Verbal and Non-Verbal Expression

  • Providing a platform for non-verbal expression enables clients of varying developmental, cognitive and language abilites to express themselves. 

  • Processing feelings and thoughts non-verbally allows clients to tap into unconscious material and right brain sensory experiences that may be associated with trauma. 


  • Clients can externalize pain so it can be objectively observed and reframed.

  • Creating art while exploring  painful material is more tolerable because making art is soothing. 

  • Processing experiences with visual platform can help w/ insight into faulty beliefs.

  • Creating art is not a linear process, it is a gradual process that enables a client  to go at thier own pace.


  • Touching and moving the pieces is a sensory experience that can help one feel grounded/present in thier bodies.

  • Interacting with interesting, validating imagery can maintain motivation and engagement in therapy process. 


  • Fantasy figurines can be used to express feelings or wishes that might otherwise feel  too difficult or taboo to discuss. 

  • Using metaphor to process traumatic feelings/memories can feel safer and less vulnerable. 

Self-awareness and self-growth are good. 

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