How this kit morphed into what it is today!

Updated: May 4

Creating Express Your Story has truly been an amazing journey! I initially created it to help my daughter and her elementary school aged friends learn the art of setting boundaries and expressing their feelings. Having spent close to 20 years as a social worker, I learned so much about the art of communiciation and I wanted my one and only precious daughter to have some good tools to handle herself in the world. So, this kit was initially just play dolls with different "emotion faces." After close to 8 years of creating different versions of this kit, I decided to make something for the mental health community. Afterall, that was my background and specialty. It took me close to 6 years to develop this kit. At first, I made them from plastic, laminated material, then I moved to wood prints with velcro and then finally decided on the current version which all magnetic. I decided to go with magnetic because it is easy to clean and disinfect. I am really excited about how this tool works. I have been working in the community volunteering running groups and have found it to be a wonderful tool. I am currenlty volunteering with adults that are survivors of sex trafficking. This tool has also been used with women in recovery shelters and teens at runaway shelters. I am exicted about the possibilities!

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